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Kabbalah: Tap into Positive Light

Discovering the warmth and light of the Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre.
There are many out there who are looking for intellectual stimulation, and so they stumbled up the Kabbalah. There are others, who were looking for spiritual stimulation, and they too landed squarely on the Kabbalah. There are others who have reached the depths of despair, and in an attempt to raise from those depths they turn – or are turned by others – to Kabbalah. And there are yet others who simply by chance happen upon Kabbalah, even though they were not searching for anything.

The Kabbalah Center, founded by Rav Berg and his wife Karen Berg, caters to all these types of people and more. The Center, which has as its teachers many accomplished students of Kabbalah, including Rav Berg who is a student of Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein.


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