Kabbalah and Reality

The Kabbalah teaches about God and His relationship with the world. Okay, it teaches about a lot of other things too, but I think that this is one of the central ideas. The best thing about studying about the Kabbalah is not only that it expands one’s horizons and that it is an intellectial exercise of the highest standard, but it is also study that can change your life.

The Kabbalah Center offers courses that many people claim have expanded their relationship to their lives and their surroundings. Improving as a person, a spouse and a friend is something that many people are attempting to do today, as self-improvement is quite the hit among all the various fads around today. If you can attend a course at an educational and spiritual centre for Kabbalah, then you are able to win on all fronts.

Just something to know about the Kabbalah Center is that it was founded by Rav Berg and his wife Karen Berg, and the express aim of the centre is to open the Kabbalah to the masses who do not understand the original Hebrew and Aramaic texts of the Kabbalist works. Kabbalah Centre features lectures by Rav Berg himself, by Karen Berg, who often speaks on topics relating to women, and other educators, many of them trained in the Kabbalah Centre by the Bergs – Rav Berg, Karen, and their sons and other students as well – themselves.


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