The depth of the Kabbalah

I have been hearing all about Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Center for a very long time now. The Kabbalah and its study is something which seems to be taking hold the world over, and there is increased interest in this field of study. As this takes off, there are various organizations and individuals who offer courses and assistance in the study of Kabbalah. So, today, all that it takes in order to study Kabbalah is the desire to do so – and the world of the internet, literature and even classes and lectures is waiting for you.

The Kabbalah is widely considered to be the age-old Jewish mysticism that was always hidden from the world, and even from the eyes of the Jews. It has been studied throughout the years in secret, or hidden from the public eye, but that has all changed. The Kabbalah’s text which all appear in Hebrew or Aramaic, have been opened to the world through those people, like Rav Berg, his wife Karen Berg, their sons and all the faculty of the Kabbalah Centre, who have been able to open the content of the Kabbalah to those masses unversed in Hebrew or Aramaic.

Rav Berg studied – and continues to study – the Kabbalah in the original texts, yet he and his wife, Karen Berg, teach the Kabbalah in English. Rav Berg’s establishing the Kabbalah Centre has really opened the Kabbalah to so many Americans, and has added a dimension of depth to all those who visit the Kabbalah Center.


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