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Check out the competition!

I was looking around and I saw that I am not the only one in Cyberspace with my own blog about Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Centre in particular.

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The Kabbalah Power of Names

God’s names have tremendous power. Just reading – or scanning – the names can cause many positive results in the spiritual worlds. This is one of the teachings of the Kabbalah Center, who have brought the Kabbalah to the forefront of society’s conscience. In the services and ceremonies that the Kabbalah Centre orchestrates they incorporate the reading and chanting of different Kabbalistic names of God.

Interestingly, these names that are read, scanned and chanted all appear in Hebrew. Kabbalah is firmly centered in the Jewish religion, and all its major works are in Hebrew. Rav Berg, Karen Berg and others at the Kabbalah Centre have used their skills in the Hebrew (and Aramaic Languages) to open the Kabbalah to those who are not proficient in the texts or language of the Kabbalist works.

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