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Individual investor teams

The NIR Group, LLC manages a “Family of Funds” that aim to provide their investors with varied investment strategies. The underlying concept of the NIR approach it to have separate funds that are each individually managed. This specialization means that each fund has its own team of investment experts with individual and independent strategies. The tremendous growth that NIR has seen since opening in 1999 proves that aside from many astute investment decisions the design and functioning of the funds and their management are successful.

The basic strategies of NIR Group are defined by the basic investment principles that guide many investors, namely, mitigating risk and attempting to produce returns in all market environments. The successes in these mark the implementation of the investment strategies as hugely successful, and it is this implementation – together with other unique strategies – that assure the success of NIR’s Family of funds.

Corey Ribotsky heads the Nir Group as Managing Member.


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Wow! WordPress is cool!

Here I am, about to post something about the Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Centre – which is content far deeper and more important than what I am about to write – and something pops up that just changed my intentions and distracted me!

The new WordPress interface is cool! I was a bit lost at first, but after the first 10 seconds of not knowing what to do, I am off doing what I need to, and I realize that the way things are they have certainly improved! So… this new set up is going to help me in being able to write posts about the Kabbalah and the Kabbalah Center quicker and easier, and more professionally.

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Joy and Light

Here it is – my first incidental encounter with someone over Kabbalah!

I met this person, Joy, when I was shopping for an English version of the Zohar. You see, the Zohar is the primary Kabbalah work that dates back to earlier than the year 200 C.E.

Written by Rabi Shimon bar Yochai, it is written in Aramaic – a semitic language like Hebrew. The Zohar forms the basis for all the works of Kabbalah. The Kabbalah Centers, founded by Rav Berg, teach English classes in Kabbalah, which makes it easier to understand and follow.

So, shopping for the Zohar in English had me meet this person who has been study Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Center. She has helped me understand s few things. Joy is her name, and she is a student of the Kabbalah teacher Karen Berg.

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