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Berg’s courses

Michael Berg of the Kabbalah Center sends out online course material via email. He wrote, “We live in a world of cause and effect, with time creating space between action and reaction. That’s why the Light rarely comes in the moment we do something, positive or negative.”
Interesting. What he is saying is that there is a time delay between when you do something to when you get the full results of that action. This means that one must be patient so that he waits until the full ramifications – positive or negative – take place. Learn Kabbalah to further understand this.


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Individual investor teams

The NIR Group, LLC manages a “Family of Funds” that aim to provide their investors with varied investment strategies. The underlying concept of the NIR approach it to have separate funds that are each individually managed. This specialization means that each fund has its own team of investment experts with individual and independent strategies. The tremendous growth that NIR has seen since opening in 1999 proves that aside from many astute investment decisions the design and functioning of the funds and their management are successful.

The basic strategies of NIR Group are defined by the basic investment principles that guide many investors, namely, mitigating risk and attempting to produce returns in all market environments. The successes in these mark the implementation of the investment strategies as hugely successful, and it is this implementation – together with other unique strategies – that assure the success of NIR’s Family of funds.

Corey Ribotsky heads the Nir Group as Managing Member.

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Instructors at the Kabbalah Centre

Many of the instructors at the Kabbalah Center are students of Rav Berg himself, who in turn is the student Rav  Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein. The Centre, Kabbalah being itse has successfully seen to the needs of many people looking for answers, or looking for Kabbalah content.

The Kabbalah Centre has seen great successes, and it sees these successes not only in the increasing number of people who attend the lectures and the different activities, but also in the high profiles of those who attend the Centre – which has many other branches around the US.

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Kabbalah: Tap into Positive Light

Discovering the warmth and light of the Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre.
There are many out there who are looking for intellectual stimulation, and so they stumbled up the Kabbalah. There are others, who were looking for spiritual stimulation, and they too landed squarely on the Kabbalah. There are others who have reached the depths of despair, and in an attempt to raise from those depths they turn – or are turned by others – to Kabbalah. And there are yet others who simply by chance happen upon Kabbalah, even though they were not searching for anything.

The Kabbalah Center, founded by Rav Berg and his wife Karen Berg, caters to all these types of people and more. The Center, which has as its teachers many accomplished students of Kabbalah, including Rav Berg who is a student of Rabbi Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein.

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