Kabbalah is commonly referred to as “Jewish Mysticism” – yet there are many who claim that while it is rooted in Judaism and the Jewish religious framework, the Kabbalah is intended to be of a universal nature. The Kabbalah seems at its face value to deal with mysticism within the Jewish religious context, and indeed there are many aspects of the Kabbalah that may be seen to be nothing more than mystical superstitious beliefs and practices that are just another form of occult practices and beliefs.

However, the depth of the Kabbalah is infinite, and merely scratching beneath the surface reveals a highly developed discipline and advanced school of thought which is rooted in the Bible and the Jewish faith. The Kabbalah, however, may be seen to stand alone as a work of great thought and intellectual depth, not necessarily requiring one to study the Five Books of Moses and the Bible that form the basis for the Kabbalah.

The Zohar, the primary text of the Kabbalah, is a commentary to the Five Books of Moses, the Pentateuch. Written in Hebrew and Aramaic, study of the Zohar – and the many accompanying Kabbalah texts – requires intensive training in Hebrew, Aramaic and the original Hebrew texts of the Bible. However, the philosophical worlds and systems generated by the Zohar and the Kabbalah can be understood in isolation.

This issue has become more apparent as more and more scholars are opening the gates of the Kabbalah to the general public, who, not being Jewish nor versed in the intricacies of the Jewish texts, have embraced the deep thought and valuable morality and ethics of the Kabbalah. An example of someone who has taken the step to interpret the Kabbalah and dress it in a garb that can be appreciated by the general public is Rav Berg and his Kabbalah Center.

The Kabbalah Center and Rav Berg and his wife, Karen Berg, have become a major player in the world of spiritual education which spans all people and all denominations. The Kabbalah Center holds classes for anyone who desires to experience the intellectual inspiration of the Kabbalah, and, moreover, for anyone who wants to reach a higher level of existence. The Kabbalah Centre has many followers throughout the world, and its teachers and classes have become central players in many circles, making Rav Berg and Karen Berg sought after personalities.


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