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Asimov, Computers and the Kabbalah Centre

As I mentioned in my last blog, Isaac Asimov wrote a cool short story many years ago, long before I knew about the Kabbalah Centre and the 72 names, which I found intriguing at the time, and find astounding now. So the story goes like this: some computer scientists have programmed some incredibly powerful computers, (probably like last year’s slower laptops, but what the heck), to run through every possible combination of Hebrew letters which can be combined to compose the (almost) infinite number of the names of God. I don’t remember how long the program actually ran for in the story, but it was long, maybe even years. But when the scientists knew that the calculations were about to complete, they all gathered together to see if the predictions of what would happen would really come true. Gotta go.


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The 72 Names and the End of the World

Sorry to keep interrupting my story, but here is the last installment (I hope!) So if you remember from what I said in my last two blogs, these scientists have all come together to see what will happen when their super computer has finished creating all the possible names of God.  (In the story the number is a lot more than 72, but I think the basic idea is really the same.) As they are sitting together, discussing what the ancient traditions (perhaps they mean Kabbalah!?) have predicted what will happen if anyone could ever know all the names of God, they see the stars above their heads in the heavens beginning to blink out, one at a time. It is the end of the universe, at least as we (and they of the story) know it. A great story which I think relates perfectly to what the Kabbalah Centre hopes the dissemination of its teachings will accomplish. To be continued.

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The 72 Names of God

A long time ago, when I was in High School, I believe, I read an amazing story by Isaac Asimov which blew my mind. How could I know then that so many years later I would find out that Asimov must have known about the idea of the incredible power of the 72 names? Maybe he learned about it at the Kabbalah Centre? It just occurred to me that the story also uses the power of the computer to change the world. More about this later.

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