Hello. Is God There?

Want a neat way to keep up with your self-transformation on a daily basis? Rabbi Yehuda Berg, co-director of the Kabbalah Centre, recently published a really cool book: “Dialing God-Daily Connection Book.”

dialinggod-straight-largeWith this book you are kept in touch with your special mission to transform yourself and the world, in easy, daily doses. The book contains all the necessary meditations, prayers and thoughts to keep your connection to God open, at every moment and in any circumstance.

This is a truly one-of-a-kind book. It is brimming with mystical insights and secrets of the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah. Easy to take with you anywhere and everywhere, like your own personal cell-phone to God.


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“Secrets of the Zohar” Reveal Universal Truths

secrets of the zoharIf you can’t get yourself to one of the many Kabbalah Centers around the world, you don’t need to fret. There are many alternative ways of drinking from the inspiring fountain of wisdom of the Kabbalah, and of course one of those ways is by reading a book, or books.

One fascinating book you might want to try is Michael Berg’s latest, called, “Secrets of the Zohar: Stories and Meditations to Awaken the Heart.”

This book is specially designed to help students of the Zohar to access its deep mysteries in a simple and straightforward fashion that goes straight to the heart.

The most famous stories of the Jewish sages are dealt with here and deciphered to reveal the inner meaning behind the charm and interest of the original story. Each story offers a special meditation, and parts of the Zohar itself are presented, in the original Aramaic text as well as the English translation right by its side. Now there is no reason not to scan and read aloud to drink from the full waters of the Zohar’s mysterious waters to quench your thirst and become spiritually transformed.

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The Kabbalah Centre and the Sign of Gemini

Listen to a fascinating video from the Kabbalah Centre in which Michael Berg explains the power of the month of the astrological sign of Gemini. Michael Berg is a co-director of the Kabbalah Center along with Rav Philip Berg and Karen Berg. Together they teach the wisdom of the ancient tradition of the Kabbalah, making it within reach of all who strive to understand its great secrets.

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Transforming the World at the Kabbalah Centre

globalpeaceKabbalah is an ancient philosophy that is much more than theory. The point of Kabbalah is to bring clarity, freedom and wisdom to its adherents and to motivate them to action. The Kabbalah Center sees its function as bringing this great philosophy into the lives of countless ordinary people so that they can transform themselves, their relationships, and finally the world.

At the Kabbalah Centre we believe that the purpose of our lives is to receive complete and ultimate fulfillment. When we achieve our potential the starting point of our being is giving and sharing which leads us to improved personal relationships and ultimately improved community and global relationships. Through this transformation the world becomes perfected.

Ultimately the goal of life is to perfect the world and the Kabbalah Centre sees itself as the vehicle which will bring this transformation to the world.

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Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern World at the Kabbalah Center

earth and sun in spaceThe wisdom of the Kabbalah is thousands of years old. The greatest sages of the Kabbalah taught that each and every person is born with the amazing potential to be great. The Kabbalah is the way to reach that potential.

The Kabbalah Centre is the place where the ancient wisdom meets the modern world. It is the mandate of the Kabbalah Center to bring to as many people as possible the keys to unlock the doors to the secret places of their souls.

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The Kabbalah Centre Answers the Question “What is the Kabbalah?”

People have been wondering what the Kabbalah is for thousands of years. What is its attraction? What is its potentiakabbalisticsephirotl? How can I learn it and discover its secrets? The Kabbalah Centre is the place where these questions are asked, and answered every day. First it is important to dispel any myths that might have developed about Kabbalah. As the world’s oldest spiritual wisdom, Kabbalah is not an easy way to make someone fall in love with you or to transform straw into gold.

Kabbalah is a discipline which takes dedication to understand an incorporate into one’s life. Kabbalah holds the key to the secrets held within the universe and the deepest hidden places of the human heart. The great teachings of the Kabbalah explain the workings of the physical as well as metaphysical nature of all of us.

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Asimov, Computers and the Kabbalah Centre

As I mentioned in my last blog, Isaac Asimov wrote a cool short story many years ago, long before I knew about the Kabbalah Centre and the 72 names, which I found intriguing at the time, and find astounding now. So the story goes like this: some computer scientists have programmed some incredibly powerful computers, (probably like last year’s slower laptops, but what the heck), to run through every possible combination of Hebrew letters which can be combined to compose the (almost) infinite number of the names of God. I don’t remember how long the program actually ran for in the story, but it was long, maybe even years. But when the scientists knew that the calculations were about to complete, they all gathered together to see if the predictions of what would happen would really come true. Gotta go.

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